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Some of you may recognise my saying that the company may be new but we are stocked with old heads! These ‘old heads’ bring not only enormous experience but continue to assess and implement new technologies and methods to complement the tried and trusted ones. Within the Nirva UK Management team alone we have over 80 years of experience in the industry and within this time we have delivered over 100 client projects in the UK and mainland Europe. Many of you will be receiving statements, letters, bills and policy documents which the Nirva UK team have influenced or built.

This is a very exciting time within the Customer Communications industry as we see many of our clients reviewing how their current technology and methods will meet the challenges of the future. We also see a drive to present Customers with a relevant document which is personalised to them not just in its content but in the delivery channel. The technology to deliver multi channel documents has been available for some time and our clients are now ready to explore this in greater depth to ensure they retain and grow their Customer base.

Nirva UK are also involved in bringing to market some fairly revolutionary technology which I will talk about in more detail in the next update……

Thank you for reading this today….more soon

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    The Nirva UK team delivered way above expectations and on budget......

    IT Director – Major Credit Card Company

    We now have a Blueprint which underpins the future success of our customer document services

    Head of Document Services – Global Insurance Company

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