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Are you ready to make regulatory changes to your documents?

As the shockwaves of Brexit continue to create uncertainty, there will be an impact on the legal compliance of business-to-business and customer-facing documents.

In fact, the only certainty is that over 40 years of EU laws will need to be identified and unravelled. This will lead to global changes that will need to be applied across all front and back office documents quickly and efficiently to comply with anticipated regulatory changes.

Nirva UK provides Customer Communications Management (CCM) solutions and services that enable major organisations, including AXA and American Express, to address these challenges. This allows our customers, through our technology and expertise, to streamline their business-to-business and customer-facing compliance processes for documents, such as policies, statements and correspondence.

No cost, half day audit

We are offering a no cost, half day audit by our experts, providing a high level assessment of both the risk and how your company can:

  • Establish a complete inventory of business-to-business and customer-facing documents
  • Gain a clear understanding of what these documents contain (clauses, paragraphs, sub-documents, references, etc.)
  • Reduce the potential number of changes and permutations
  • Ensure a clear view of document workflows and processes
  • Identify common legal clauses and paragraphs and store them centrally to maximise reusability

To take advantage of our no cost, half day document audit:

Email: enquiries@nirvauk.com
Call: +44 (0) 207 692 0616

For more information on our services visit www.nirvauk.com/services

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