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messagepointAbout Messagepoint
Messagepoint is a powerful hybrid cloud-based content management platform serving the customer communications management (CCM) needs of large enterprise customers. It provides an intuitive and secure environment for business users to directly own and control touchpoint messaging content and business rules driving the pace of change for customer-facing print and digital communications. You can find out more about Messagepoint by contacting us to book a demo or get additional information.

Messagepoint, the new name of Prinova
Effective March 1st, 2017, we officially changed our name from Prinova to Messagepoint. Why the new name? We’ve been investing heavily in Messagepoint and it’s quickly become the primary focus of our organization. With Messagepoint winning awards and being used extensively by a rapidly growing number of leading global enterprises to manage critical customer communications, we made the decision to simplify our brands, and officially make Messagepoint the name of our company. We’re still the same group of CCM technology experts that you’ve been working closely with, just with a new official name.

More information at http://www.messagepoint.com.


Exari is a product based on MS Word imports that automatically generates interview screens for users to interact with a base model, choosing paragraphs, adding variables and other authoring features and functions. Exari position themselves as ” the enterprise document assembly and contract management system that sets the standard for contract authoring and complex document production.

More information at http://www.exari.com.

Nirva Software:

Nirva Software shares roots with NirvaUK but the two companies are completely separate. Nirva Software is founded on the “Restoring simplicity” vision in a technological world dominated by vast choices in architectural and structural options. Nirva Software is entirely technology agnostic, and seamlessly integrates any programming language, any scripting language and any platform. As it comes with a number of pre-wired reusable components to facilitate seamless interactions between existing and new capabilities, it is the natural choice as an integration platform.

More information at http://www.nirva-systems.com/en/.

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