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Improve Customer Communication Management (CCM)

Improve the quality and messaging in your communications to win more business.
Maximise Return On Investment

We can offer practical advise on how to make your document technology investments work to ensure maximum returns
Reduce Distribution Costs

Minimise costs using electronic distribution and reduce postal costs through sorting and batching.


How to Avoid the Common Pitfalls that are Diminishing your Agility, Efficiency and Customer Experience

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Analyst Presentation & Networking Lunch
March 26, 2019 | 11:30 am -14:30 pm

The Marquis Cornwallis | 31 Marchmont St. | Bloomsbury, London

About Us

Nirva UK specialises in improving business critical documents and related processes for clients, specifically those in the Insurance, Utility and Finance sectors. Nirva UK Consultants are able to carry out any or all phases of a typical project, from strategic thinking to complete project delivery.

Management Team

  • Tracey Whelan<br /> Managing Director
  • Jacques Mirodatos<br /> Technical Director
  • Michael Yorston<br />Solution Delivery Director

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