Why Nirva?

We’re the UK’s agile experts in driving smarter customer communications – but why should you work alongside us for your next CCM project?

About Us

We’ve been around a while

Delivering customer communications solutions for over three decades and having been pioneers in the first implementation of the Exstream CCM system globally, our team has vast amounts of experience in tackling the issues you may be facing. You’re buying into a huge amount of accumulated knowledge, based upon tried-and-tested principles that really do work.

Proudly independent

The interests of the customer are at the heart of what we do, which is why we love being independent and able to offer solutions fit for problems, as opposed to prioritising affiliated systems. We’re not owned by any bigger software or services organisations, so we’re able to present our recommendations with honesty you’d appreciate.

Bending over backwards

Our reputation is one of being incredibly flexible and agile, which is measured by the amount of times we are asked by customers to return to help with their next challenge.  We engage in a way that brings responsive and collaborative working, built around the needs of our customers.  Whatever way you like to work and whatever way you’d like to be supported, Nirva’s consultants can adapt their approach to suit you.

We don’t shy away from ‘difficult’

Our knowledge and capabilities mean we’re able to deliver the ‘difficult to do’ in a transparent and honest way. We have the skill set to identify and analyse your issues, present a solution and implement through to successful delivery. Experience has given us the confidence and ability to delete ‘difficult’ from our vocabulary.