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Streamlining, control and consistency. These are the watchwords of our approach to managing correspondence. We’ll help you overcome the common pitfalls, such as maintaining consistency over common content and adhering to corporate branding guidelines. Our objective will be to deliver a single system that gives you complete control of correspondence. Patterns in your content will allow you to reduce your inventory to the minimum. Content and variations will be managed through the minimum number of templates so that content can be shared and re-used. And everything will be shaped to ensure a consistent customer experience.


Nirva has considerable experience when it comes to managing, controlling and optimising the statements process. Customisation is at the core of everything we do, with new customer brands being accurately added to your portfolio in moments, with you in full control. We know how to turn statements into powerful cross-selling tools with content zones targeted for specific audiences. Customer needs are eased by complete transparency of statements, with direct-from-your-browser PDF proofs available on demand. Shared content facilities mean the majority of content and rules can be updated anywhere – so speeding your time to production.

Policy Documents

Policy documentation is a key area of expertise here at Nirva. We understand the need for scalability, rapid speed to market and the sort of bold differentiation that can aid customer retention. With our help, non-technical staff can on-board new agents and policy holders with a template approach that maximises the use of content across customers. Stakeholders are involved early and can review and approve through intuitive interfaces. Advanced personalisation and segmentation methods iron out complexity and costs are reduced with the use of less expensive resources for content management, rules creation and testing.

Forms Management

Managing disparate forms separately across various applications and without standardised form fields can be inefficient, time-wasting and costly. The Nirva approach puts you in control of forms management via a single, fluid platform. We’ll show you how non-technical staff can benefit from user-friendly, intuitive interfaces. The form creation process is simplified and forms can be pre-filled with customer data.

Direct Marketing

The world of direct marketing is dynamic, fast-moving and hotly competitive. Nirva has the knowledge to add a crucial competitive edge by delivering the scalability and speed to market your customers demand. We know how to differentiate through advanced customisation and personalisation that doesn’t require complex high-cost solutions. You can put your customers in control of content management via easy-to-use interfaces, while still maximising opportunities for template and content reuse across your client base. Data stays secure behind firewalls, while customers are able to make and review real-time changes with built-in workflow and tracking.


When it comes to the omni-channel challenge, we at Nirva believe in the 3C’s: consistency, consistency and consistency. Managing various channels like web, email and letter correspondence across separate IT channels just won’t cut it any more. We’ll help you centralise content and messaging that connects content and rules across all channels consistently. Complexity is replaced by simplicity, with marketing and business people given the ability to manage across digital and print channels. The power of messaging becomes stronger and business objectives, such as converting customers to digital, are easier to achieve.

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