About Us

The agile Customer Communications Management experts

About Us

Nirva specialises in driving better standards of customer communications through solving the everyday problems that people in CCM roles face. We improve business critical documents and related processes for clients in all industries, but have particular specialisms in the Insurance, Healthcare, Finance and Utility sectors.

We provide high level communications consultancy and our consultants are able to carry out any or all phases of a project, including project planning, solution design, migration, implementation, training and mentoring of staff. View our services for more information.

We also specialise in providing document composition, output management and integration services for customers covering a range of products including Exstream, Messagepoint and other CCM solutions.

Nirva is truly independent and agile, meaning we aren’t forced to only recommend solutions we’re aligned with, so you can be certain that you’re always getting the right service.

Why Nirva?