Messagepoint Launches Semantex Division Offering AI-based Content Intelligence Platform September 13, 2022

Messagepoint today announced the launch of Semantex, its new division providing an artificial intelligence (AI)-based content intelligence platform designed to empower developers tackling complex content-related challenges.

Powered by AI, machine learning and natural language processing, Semantex enables developers to make API calls to assess text-based content fragments, blocks, documents or an entire content corpus. Semantex provides intelligent content extraction, classification, analysis, outlier detection and enrichment services in support of a wide range of use cases including text comparison, search, cross-document analysis, digital transformation, platform migration, content clean-up, compliance assessments, contract analysis and more.

“The proliferation of unstructured enterprise content over the last thirty years has created significant challenges for organizations as they try to effectively classify, manage, improve, standardize, or even migrate content,” said Steve Biancaniello, CEO of Messagepoint. “Through our robust set of APIs, developers can easily leverage and deploy powerful AI content intelligence services to extract, classify, compare, search and analyze any amount of content required, while getting faster, more accurate and intelligent results. This makes it possible to automate content analyses and tackle content clean-up or migration projects that were previously considered too complex, time-consuming or costly.”

Trained on enterprise content, Semantex is initially targeted to understand the context and meaning of text used in customer communications, legal clauses, disclosures, policies, contracts, etc. Semantex provides a variety of intelligent capabilities, including document parsing, content identification and extraction, syntactic, semantic and cross-language text comparison, search, sentiment and reading comprehension levels.

Semantex can be used to perform a one-time analysis of a single content fragment, or it can enable a team to work with a set of documents over time using its unique Content Hub APIs. Using the Content Hub, multiple documents of different formats can be added to a single hub application, making it possible to perform search, comparison and analysis for every piece of text-based content within the hub application. This supports both projects that take place over time, or frequent one-off analysis requirements such as those ensuring compliance of a new piece of content.

Developers can explore the APIs and AI capabilities through documentation, a text comparison demo and a free trial. For more information, visit or contact the Semantex team at

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