Webinar: Automate, Migrate & Elevate Your Customer Comms with AI November 3, 2020

Wednesday 2nd December 2020
13:00 (GMT, UK)

You are invited to the next in our series of Webinars specifically for users of CCM where we will cover how to ‘Automate, Migrate and Elevate Your Customer Comms with AI’

As the UK’s leading independent CCM experts, we know the challenges businesses face when manually migrating their customer communications and understand that migration is the largest barrier to modernisation. It typically costs millions and takes years of effort….. but not with Rationalizer!

Rationalizer is the first and only software product that automates business-wide content migration and optimisation. It has the power to:

•  Reduce time to migrate content by an average of 90%

•  Condense the number of content objects by an average of 70%

•  Move beyond lift and shift initiatives to optimise content as part of a migration

•  Scale migration initiatives to levels unachievable with manual approaches

•  Cut costs by an average of 57%

We look forward to welcoming you to this educational and thought provoking event.

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