Webinar: Automation of Customer Document Testing February 11, 2021

Thursday 4th March 2021
13:30 (GMT, UK)

You are invited to the next in our series of Webinars for users of CCM.

In this session we will cover automation of the testing process for customer documents.

As the UK’s leading independent CCM experts, we understand the challenges businesses face when comparing documents. On average, document testing takes up to 50% of your projects’ time.

During this Webinar we will be demonstrating how to reduce the manual effort, costs and risks associated with your customer document testing by 70%, introducing STREAMdiff.



STREAMdiff is the high speed print data stream comparison application that is capable of:

•  Automating the comparison between original and new documents

•  Providing a clear visual comparison of the differences

•  Identifying attributes that have changed e.g. position, font, resolution and colour

•  Comparing multiple output types e.g. AFP with PDF

•  Reducing reviews and approval processes

We look forward to welcoming you to this educational and thought provoking event.

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