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A closer look at Nirva, provider of CCM Solutions, by the industry experts at Aspire July 25, 2019

The team at CCM consulting firm, Aspire, recently spent some time with Nirva to learn more about the company’s history and market focus. Here’s their perspective:

Nirva is a provider of customer communications services and products, with a keen focus on helping its customers deliver high-quality business critical documents, messaging and processes. The company is based in the U.K. and was co-founded in 2011, by three CCM experts – Jacques Mirodatos, Technical Director, Michael Yorston, Solution Delivery Director and Managing Director, Tracey Whelan.

Despite being a relative newcomer to the market, Nirva is in fact rooted in over 30 years of credible experience in the industry in the form of its leaders and owners, who founded document management and communications organization, Lasercom. This team were also responsible for bringing leading document composition technology from North America to Europe, including Exstream, which still forms a core component of Nirva’s service offering. Since its inception, Nirva has carefully curated a wider team, which has been hand-picked from within the vertical markets it serves, ensuring real-world experience of delivery.

Nirva supports customers across any and all phases of a CCM project, from project planning, solution design, migration, implementation, training and mentoring staff. Specializing in the Insurance, Healthcare, Finance and Utility sectors, Nirva prides itself on being truly independent, with no agenda in recommending any aligned solutions. The company does sell some complementary technology, but it maintains its independent stance by ensuring that this is interoperable with what customers already have in place.

In a consolidating industry where many smaller providers are becoming part of larger organizations, Nirva’s strategy is to remain independent and offer a flexible and agile portfolio of products and services. And despite the company’s niche market, it serves big-name clients across its core vertical markets, including the likes of Police Mutual, Octopus Investments, alongside three of the UK’s top insurance companies.

In terms of future growth and development, Nirva is looking to find new customers as well as nurture its current customer base by focussing on three key offerings:

  1. CCM Consultancy – Operational support for businesses looking to improve how they create and deliver “smarter” customer communications.

  2. Messagepoint partnership – Nirva positions itself as a Messagepoint expert, well placed to help customers optimize their implementation and investment of the Messagepoint platform.

  3. STREAMdiff delivery – Nirva recently announced a new partnership with CDP to sell and support STREAMdiff to UK customers, a high-speed AFP, Metacode, Postscript and PDF print data stream comparison application.

As the industry continues to change and CCM becomes more about helping clients improve their customer experience, CCM-specific integrators such as Nirva bring much more than just technology. The expertise and knowledge embodied by the team at Nirva, helps it to meet its clients’ communications objectives and make a path through any CCM project, however big it may appear. What’s more, as a specialized service provider, Nirva is often seen as a trusted advisor and CCM project partner of choice for the long haul, retaining customers well. At Aspire we make it our business to stay on top of the CCM market, the nuances of its evolution and the roles played by all those operating within the wider ecosystem. In our observation of Nirva it is clear that this agile company really gets the direction the market is moving in. We’ll certainly be keeping an eye out to see how it continues to grow and enhance its offering to reflect the changes to come. 

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